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The old warehouse, once used to store agricultural tools, is now an excellent restaurant, where traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation are served using exclusively fresh and genuine ingredients: meatballs, pittule (deep fried dough), eggplant tart, orecchiette pasta in traditional Lecce sauce, spelt soup, mixed grilled meats, vegetables and fruit in season. Dinner is served in a spacious room embellished with a monumental fireplace in Lecce stone, walls painted with brilliant colors, a modern chandelier and stone wall lamps, red drapes and large ceramics plates decorating the walls. Large wall-to-wall glass windows offer a view over a courtyard equipped with a marquee for alfresco dinners during warmer months; farther ahead is the swimming pool amidst palm trees and lantanas.

Restaurant Reservation +39 3202754807

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Tenuta La Badessa


Tel: +39-3470951387


Tel: +39-3202754807